The Pre Build Guide

I've assembled a pre build guide that highlights key areas you should focus on with your new website. Whether you hire me or not, this will definitely add value on your journey.

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Software solutions for your unique challenges.

Building business applications that are made to scale with your business.

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Building an app always starts with a plan.

Applications can be anything that isn't a marketing website. Most applications require a custom system architecture design that allows your ideas to come to life. We'll work through the design and planning phase together.

This illustration shows a simplified example of a database map showing the names of database tables.

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Understanding the product.

When a product journey begins it's important that the whole design and development team understand the product as a whole. This is why when we build an app we'll work through all angles of the application and help you truly visualize the application from start to finish. We leave no stone un turned and plan out the full application for you and with you.

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The right technology for the job at hand.

With all the innovation in the tech world there are solutions that we can leverage to bootstrap your product. Once we've figured out our plan, we'll pick the tools we can use to expedite development. This let's us decide what parts we need to develop custom and what parts we need to integrate with other systems.

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Secure servers that are ready to grow with you.

Once you have your application it will need a place to live. This is where your server comes in and we have a lot of options. I've found over the years that sticking with high end cloud servers like Digital Ocean, Amazon, etc can be great for growth and security. We can always add more resources, load balancers, firewalls and more simply at anytime.

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