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React Native Mobile App

Rebuilt from the ground up.

We were tasked with rebuilding their mobile app, working with their existing API to create a new and easy to use mobile experience. Great Canadian Rebates is an affiliate reward sharing program where users are able to register and visit websites that offer commissions on their purchases. The app attributes the purchase commission to the user, who receives a positive balance in their account and may be paid out once their account reaches a minimum dollar value threshold.

Design First

Design Research

The new mobile app design aligns 18 different views into a cohesive experience that makes finding the vendor you want to shop with as easy as possible. The goal was to guide the user through the app and direct them to the store they want to buy from as quickly as possible. We achieved this by using strong categorization of topics, easy filtering and search capabilities.

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Unit Testing & Issue Tracking

Strong Build & Release Process

The focus of GCR's app rebuild was on performance stability and ease-of-use. Our design prioritized a strong user interface that was intuitive for the user. We also strategically implemented a build & release process with unit tests and linting in place, to ensure that any changes to the app's functionality in the future could be tested for issues & bugs without affecting users who are actively using the app. What a refreshing feeling it is to have a fully functioning, bug-free application, with a full collection of tests that verify your app is working as it should before it goes live. This is just one of the benefits of building an application with us... peace of mind.

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