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500% Growth in 2 Years!

A Squeaky Clean Upgrade.

Our decade-long partnership with H2GO Mobile Wash is a great example of how we work with growing companies to help them scale, increase revenues, and expand brand awareness. We work alongside H2GO on an on-going basis as their technology and marketing arm. We designed, developed and now maintain their website including the SEO-optimized content you read throughout. We implemented Hubspot as their CRM to optimize their sales pipeline, and are responsible for their ongoing marketing and advertising campaigns.

3D Design, Informative, and SEO-Optimized

A Website That Stands Out From Competition.

As a fast-growing company in a competitive market, we worked with H2GO to design and build a content-based website that stood out from the competition. Integrating 3D design, video, and informative content, we created a marketing foundation that would support all their future advertising campaigns. Firescript was responsible for the design and build of the website, as well as the SEO-optimized content you read on the website. We maintain H2GO’s website on an ongoing basis and regularly update and add SEO content to their website to drive organic leads.

Hubspot CRM

Maximize Sales Efficiencies & Reporting.

With a growing sales team, it was important to implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to facilitate and organize the sales pipeline, manage customer contacts, and automate management reports. Hubspot CRM was the perfect choice for H2GO as it was simple to use, cost effective, and the workflow automations helped drive internal efficiencies. Hubspot is now the heart of all of H2GO’s sales and operational processes.

500% Growth in 2 Years

Marketing & Advertising to Skyrocket Success!

While SEO content on your website will help provide sales leads as a mid to long term strategy, paid advertising is a sure way to boost sales volumes almost immediately. Firescript is responsible for H2GO’s advertising content and for the ongoing strategy & management of their Search Ads (Google) and Social Ads (Facebook & Instagram). We also support H2GO with their email marketing campaigns and other revenue-generating marketing efforts. Firescript’s marketing efforts have contributed to a 500% sales growth for H2GO in just two years!

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