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Convenience, Quality & Sustainability.

The World's Best Travel Toothbrush.

Aurelle challenged us with creating a new, modern website for the Toob travel toothbrush that gave visitors strong visuals to explain the product's features quickly, and the information needed to understand & purchase a toothbrush. During the design and planning stages, we had to consider the most effective marketing approach to speak to both B2B and B2C customers.

3D Animation & Photography

A New Modern Design.

As soon as you load the website, you instantly feel the impact of the modern design thanks to 3D animation, interactive elements and strong product photography. The homepage header automatically plays a 3D animated video that explains the features of the Toob toothbrush in a fun and visual way. As you scroll throughout the website, you will see product photography and interactive elements that support the content on the website, portraying the value of Toob and the company's sustainability story.

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A Sustainable Narrative

Compelling, SEO-Optimized Copywriting

We crafted informative, enticing and SEO-optimized content across the website to convey the value of the Toob toothbrush, convince visitors to purchase a toothbrush or contact their sales team, and facilitate high organic rankings on Google & other key search engines. Targeting two very different customer markets (B2B & B2C), we created content throughout the website that speaks to both audiences. It was also important to Aurelle to explain Toob's sustainability story throughout the website as they're on a mission to help save the planet!

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WordPress CMS

A Powerhouse Backend System

Having the ability to easily edit the website's content in the future was important for the Aurelle team, which is why we chose to implement a WordPress CMS. It gave the team the flexibility they needed to update/add content and create new pages as their company grew without the need for expensive development. An embedded e-commerce platform was not required in the this build, which made WordPress the perfect solution for content management and strong performance.

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