The Pre Build Guide

I've assembled a pre build guide that highlights key areas you should focus on with your new website. Whether you hire me or not, this will definitely add value on your journey.

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Your website should create opportunity.

It starts with the right digital strategy for your businesses needs. Followed by a unique design that tells visitors a story about your brand and offerings. Finally by carefully crafting a speedy, intentionally worded website with call to actions in key areas, we can nudge your users into scheduled consultations or purchases.

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A unique design that is crafted to your brand and users.

We can take your ideas and turn them into a polished, high-value product. The way you present yourself online is just as important as how you do in the real world. Your design should be user friendly, mobile optimized and captivating.

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Modern technology made to work for you.

With every website we build, we aim to make it easy to update and maintain moving forward. Meaning you shouldn’t have to call a developer to make a simple update. Rest assured when we build websites, we aim to have you loving your website when its all done.

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Analytics & Data

All websites should track their users to better understand where they are coming from and what they are doing. We often leverage the free Google Analytics to empower your website with rich data and insights. You can take this further with a Facebook Pixel allowing you to build look a like audiences of people that visit your website, this way you can advertise to them later.

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Content Strategy

Half the battle of a website is having really great content. We do our best to help you with your initial batch of content, however a website should always be evolving and growing. You should try and write blog posts if your website supports it and extend your sites content deeper and deeper.

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Voice Search

Have you every thought about how many people search for things by saying "Hey Google, ...", or "Hey Siri, ..." and maybe if there is an answer your business can provide? Well this is the type of thing we identify in design, then create what is called structured content during development to tell Google question and answers to specific topics on your site.

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